Tell the Story-The Tree in the Forest

Stu graciously chose me to participate in The Eclectic Contrarian’s challenge. The challenge is to be given a photo and then write a story based on the photo. Thus, the Tell the Story Challenge. This is a wild idea, so thank you Stu for choosing me to participate. You can read Stu’s post, Tell the Story-The Blemished Lamb at the link provided.

Here are the rules that John set up:

Write a story about the picture you’re given.

Select 3 nominees.

Give them a new picture.

Here is the photo that Stu gave me:

So, here I am just standing around in the forest and all of these things seem to be climbing on me and clinging to me for all they’re worth. It seems that I have become a support system for a bunch of other living things. That seems to be my purpose in life. Other trees get to be cut down and become parts of beautiful homes. Some get cut up and become tree houses for laughing children. But, not me! I just support all of this greenery. But, my Father in Heaven who created me must have wanted me to be just what I am. So, here I stand, supporting others who need me. I’m a tree, but I’m important to others, and to God.

For this challenge, I nominate the following bloggers:

Sunshiny SA

Chris Hall

Shae’s Days

And here is your photo:

Photo from The Audubon Society of Portland.

Have fun with this and enjoy telling the story!

6 thoughts on “Tell the Story-The Tree in the Forest

  1. I like the concept of writing a story from a picture. When I was teaching, I used to have my students write a quick story from a picture as an opening exercise in class. They needed to meet the required length and identify who, what, where, and when in their story.

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