Never Give Up

It has been almost six weeks since I first received my diagnosis of a large hernia in my abdomen that would require surgery. I have gone from one medical test to another and finally finished the last torturous one last week. Now, I am finally going to meet with my surgeon today for my pre-op consultation. God has been with me the whole way, comforting me when I cried out to Him and giving me encouragement when I needed it. These are His Words to me today. Each time I have gone for a medical test, I have prayed that God will allow me to be a good witness to those who are doing the tests. So many things went wrong that sometimes I questioned whether God had answered my prayers, but looking back, I realize that the trials that I faced, even in the midst of the medical tests, were there for me to work on being a good witness. I did not lash out angrily at the technician who caused me such pain because she was unable to place the tubing correctly. Nor did I fuss at the people involved in the heart test that ended up taking twice the amount of time that it was supposed to. You see, God is using this whole experience to prune me, to get rid of the bad branches not producing fruit and to make sure that the other branches of my life are whole and healthy. While I have been concerned about my physical body, God has been working on my spiritual one. That’s the one that is eternal and He wants it be the best that it can be. Do you have a relationship with the Father? Do things go wrong, so wrong that you wonder if He is even there with you? Maybe that’s Him working on you to make you more like Him. I am in no way saying that every bad thing that happens in our lives is God working in us. But I do know that He can take the bad things and use them for our good. He does have a purpose of each of us. Maybe that technician who really hurt me needed to know the power of forgiveness and love that day. Perhaps the heart technicians needed to work with someone who wasn’t grumpy because the delay was extraordinarily long. Maybe this is the day for you to look at God and ask Him what you can do to show Him to a lost world. Today is the day I see my surgeon. I’m not expecting things to go perfectly well, but I am expecting God to meet me in that office and to be with me so that I can be the witness that He created me to be. Whatever you face today, whomever you cross paths with, just remember that God is right beside you and He wants to help you to be your best. I don’t know what happened in the offices after I left, but I hope that the nurses and technicians will remember the old lady who blessed them instead of cursing them and who tried to smile throughout the procedures. I am a Child of the King and I want to go out into the world daily, with my crown on straight and my priorities in order. I will not give up on God because He has never given up on me. All that matters is representing the risen Savior to the world! Go out and be His ambassador today. Blessings!

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