Created by God

So, for those who have been following my blog, you know that I went to see my surgeon on Monday to talk about my upcoming surgery. I was very disappointed to find out that since my tests had been postponed (due to the doctors’ lack of communication with each other), my surgical appointment was postponed until February 18th. I was distraught because I had already missed Christmas with my youngest grandchildren and now I would miss a birthday, too. Anyway, after I calmed down and turned my eyes back on the Lord who created me, I was thankful to have an appointment at all and a surgery that promises to correct my digestive issues. I will have robotic assisted laparoscopic paraesophageal surgery with partial fundiplication. That’s a whole lot of words that simply mean a robot will assist in the surgery so the incisions are smaller and the fundiplication means that the doctor is wrapping my esophagus to strengthen it. I am very thankful for technology and the know how of doctors, but I know that in the end, the Lord is directing the hands of the surgeon and will be present to heal me, Lord willing.

I didn’t post yesterday because I was busy with errands with my husband. But I was keeping up with the news and was very upset about the legislature in New York passing an abortion bill on the anniversary of Roe V. Wade. I am unabashedly and unapologetically pro-life. Whenever I vote for anyone, one of the first things that I want to know is if they stand for the protection of the unborn. Yes, I have heard all of the arguments: What about the mother’s rights? What about rape? Incest? There are many compelling arguments, but none of them has swayed me to stop standing for the life of the innocent unborn child, the one whom God created. In spite of the sins in the world, God gives life and I think it is an abomination for man to decide that he can destroy it. In the Old Testament, God warned His people about not sacrificing their children to Molech, a false god who demanded the sacrifice of the young. I think that abortion is the Molech of our times and I fear for those who would promote such an “in your face” rebellion towards God. But isn’t our entire world either running from God or rebelling openly against Him? There are a few who stand for what is right, but most are silent in the face of this open defiance of the standards of God.

From the womb, God created me to worship Him and be a person who knows to Whom I owe my life, every breath and step I take. So, it is not up to me to judge what others do. God is the final judge. I am just saying and putting it out there for others to ponder that God considers life sacred because it came from the Creator of all. I hate that so many have been deceived into thinking that the baby in the womb has no feelings or is just a bit of tissue that is inconvenient and needs to be wiped away. From the moment of conception, my belief is that it’s a baby, not a choice. Yes, bad things happen. But I believe that God can take care of the evil in the world when we are bowing down to His altar, not when we are always thinking about what is best for ourselves. In this time of my life, when I am facing so much uncertainty about my surgery and how things will turn out, I still know that the One I trust is the Giver of life and He should be the only One who can take it away.

Many years ago, I had the privilege of teaching a young teen girl who was pregnant and wanted an abortion. I talked to her about the Scriptures, went with her to talk to her parents and got to be present when she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. That baby boy has served our country well, a member of our armed forces who has been to Afghanistan and Iraq, a miracle child who was destined for abortion, but his mom decided to choose to give him life. I’m glad that she did and I hope that others who read this blog will think about life and how choices that we make determine the way the lives of others may turn out. If you have to choose, choose life! Blessings!

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    I for one stand with Vickie on the abortion issue! I can’t stand it. And like Vickie, I understand rape, life of the mother and /or child, and incest are very grave things to endure, And yet God has a plan for that child regardless of how it was conceived.

    There are plenty of women out there who want children of their own but can’t for various reasons including complications from an abortion earlier in her life

    Choose life!

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