Effective Prayer

On Sunday night, it was raining really hard here so I was having difficulty going to sleep. When I went into the bedroom, my husband had on the network with David Jeremiah so I got to listen to the end of his message. It was all about prayer, and I really needed to hear that message. He said that God had three ways to answer your prayers. If the request is wrong, God says “no.” If the timing is wrong, God says “slow.” And if we are wrong in making the request, God says “grow.” But if the request if right (in God’s will for us), if the timing is right, and if we are asking with a right heart, God says “go.” I have been praying a lot lately, not just for myself and my own attitude and health problems. I have also been praying for friends facing challenging

health issues like cancer and pancreatitis. This message from David Jeremiah encouraged me to keep praying. After all, I know that what I am praying is in God’s will because He desires for His people to be healthy. Sometimes, though, I know that God takes the person I am praying for to Heaven to be with Him. I consider that a divine and total healing, although, of course, I will miss that person here on earth. I am glad to know that God is listening to my prayers. Have you ever had an entire conversation with a person, finished talking and realized that the other person wasn’t really listening to you at all? That never happens with God. He is always listening to us and wants what is best for us always.

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James 5:16

What I have been told most recently about prayer is just to never stop praying. God is listening and may answer just the way I would like. Or He will answer in a way that will be better for me and for the person for whom I am praying. And sometimes I have to wait an even longer time and God answers in a way that is the absolute best thing for me and the person I am praying for. All in all, God knows all about me and all about my friends for whom I pray. He knows what is best for me, so since I want His best, I need to be willing to wait. That isn’t so easy when I have already waited two months to have the surgery that I was told had to be done as soon as possible. However, I am believing that the surgery will take place at the best time for me, so as I head out today to be checked by my primary care doctor and to possibly receive the coveted clearance for surgery, I am confident that God is working on my behalf and for my very best interests. I don’t think that it is a coincidence that when I prayed on New Year’s Eve and asked God for my word for the year, He gave me the word “TRUST.” I am learning to lean on Him, to trust Him in all things, including my health issues and those of my friends. God is equal to the task and I can trust Him to go with me in all trials. I hope that you already know the security that comes from trusting God; my confidence is in Him and He has always shown Himself worthy of my trust. He doesn’t turn away because He is bored with me and all of my concerns. He listens attentively and is working on me and on an answer for me. Let Him work on your behalf! He can be totally trusted!

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This is one of my favorite Scriptures and one I will leave you to ponder. God’s plans for me are good…and so are His plans for you!

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