Using Our Time Wisely

God gives each of us twenty four hours per day, seven days per week. Tick! Tock! What are we doing with all of the valuable time that He gives us? We will be accountable to Him for how we use our time, so it is our responsibility to use it wisely. I remember when I was younger, I thought that thirty was really old. Then, I got a RIP cake from my brother for my fortieth birthday. For number fifty, I was beginning to think that I was getting old myself. Then I turned sixty and I started thinking a lot about my death, especially since my mom died when she was only fifty one. When I was sixty three, I had a stroke. Now, here I am four years later and still alive. But the question is the same? What am I doing with my time? I read, I relax, I spend time texting or talking to my children and grandchildren. And, most importantly I think, I pray. I pray for friends, for people that I haven’t met but about whom I have heard on the news. I pray for online friends, too. Of course, I attend church, but only on Sunday morning. I teach Sunday school and have taught for the last sixteen or seventeen years. The only thing that has changed has been my curriculum and the ages of my students. All in all, my life is a good one, but I am always wondering what else I can do for God. I think that is a question that we should all be asking ourselves daily. “What can I do for God today?”

We only have so much time on earth to show God’s love to others, so we need to be busy demonstrating that awesome love and forgiveness as much as possible. I fondly remember my grandparents because I spent a lot of time with them. But my grandchildren are distant and I feel that each time I visit, I have to re-introduce myself. I just want to be a good influence on them, someone who listens and hears and sees them. Isn’t that what grandparents do? I also want my children to know that I have unconditional love for them, just as the Father has for us. There are so many hours in the day in which I am selfishly pursuing my own hobbies, like reading. I am striving to spend a tithe of my time with the Lord each day. He is worthy and wants to be a part of our lives. For me, He is as close as my next heartbeat. He rescued me after I had a stroke and I am forever thankful for that. How do you show your gratitude to God? I hope that you will sincerely look at your life, just as I am doing, and purpose in your heart to “redeem the time.” Yes, there is evil in the world, all around us, in fact. But God is greater and He lives in you and me. It’s our responsibility to show God to the evil world. Perhaps we can make a small change…if each of us makes one small difference, how different could the world be? Think about it, and I hope that you will make a choice to use your time wisely. Blessings!

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