Following Instructions

You finally get that great new item that you have been waiting for, and then you get out the instructions and you have to spend several hours reading them. They are difficult to decipher, but you know that you have to follow them in order for the fitness tracker or the Christmas tree or whatever it is to work properly. Bummer! You actually have to read and follow the instructions. For many years, the habit of my husband and I has been that he puts things together while I read the directions orally to him. That is usually helpful since he is an auditory learner and I’m a visual one. But when he recently got a new fitness tracker, the directions were online and more than a little difficult to follow since our satellite connection at home is so slow. So, off to the electronics store we went and the geek behind the counter had the watch synced to his phone and ready to use in no time. Don’t you wish life were like that? You have a problem and you take it to the resident geek and get it fixed in the snap of a finger? God didn’t mean for our problems to be solved like that. He left us an instruction book, called The Holy Bible, that we are supposed to read and follow. And our helper is not a human geek, but the Holy Spirit who leads us to the truth.

When we follow God’s instruction Book for life, then we are going to end up eternally with Him. However, there are many in the world who reject God’s instructions, to their own peril. I know many who think that they can consider eternity later; after all, they have their whole lives to think about death and what comes afterwards. But life may be shorter than they think, shorter than any of us think. Thus we need to be prepared for eternity, whether with our Maker or on the path to eternal destruction. I myself am choosing daily to be disciplined, corrected, and led by the Lord. I hope and pray that is your choice, too. The Bible is the instruction book for our lives and the reward at the end is eternity with our Creator. Don’t you think that is worth following those instructions? Have a blessed day!

10 thoughts on “Following Instructions

  1. Amen! There was a Christian band called Burlap to Cashmere that I listened to in college and they had a song called “Basic Instructions.” BIBLE (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth). Great song that shared the Gospel in a really cool way! God’s Word tells us everything we need to live victoriously in Him both now and for eternity! God bless!

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  2. Lee Poskey

    This good message makes me think of something related to this message miss Vickie.

    You know how some folks will emphasize that you had better hurry up and get saved, because Jesus could return any moment?

    Well I have a little different perspective than that.

    (The following words are spoken to an imaginary person, not to you miss Vickie).

    You should get saved ASAP for sure.
    But “when” Jesus returns to earth isn’t the issue that you need to be primarily concerned about, (because we don’t know if He’ll return in our lifetime or not).

    But the one thing that we know for sure that will happen in your lifetime is your death. And then you are going to face Jesus, (whether He’s returned to the earth yet or not).
    And you don’t want to meet Him if you are unsaved when that meeting occurs.

    And anyone of us could drop dead at any time. So it’s imperative that you get saved right now.

    Lord bless you and your family miss Vickie.

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