I’m Blessed!

How blessed are you in your life? I am blessed beyond measure…I survived a stroke, have met and played with my grandchildren and have an abundance of love in my life. The greatest love that I have is the love that Jesus showed me when He died for me on the cross.

My sins are covered by the blood of Jesus so that when God sees me, He sees the sacrifice that His Son made for me covering me. Stop and think about that for a moment. We all sing songs about being clothed in all white, guiltless before Him. I recall that when I was a little girl and my grandparents had their side porch painted. When I went to their house that day, nanny warned my sister and I sternly not to go on the porch because the paint was still wet. Well, I didn’t listen and went on the porch to play as I usually did. I had a great time until nanny called me in for dinner and I had to wash up. That is when nanny and I both noticed the brick red colored paint on my hands. Nanny and I both knew that I was guilty of not following her command. Turpentine took the paint off, but I still remember the smell and how ashamed I was as nanny chided me for not listening to her. God sent His Son to wash us clean and to remove all guilt. Just as nanny hugged me and told me that she still loved me after my infraction, God loves us with an everlasting love and His own Son’s blood has washed us clean before God for all eternity. The reason that we can stand spotless before Him is Jesus!

The thing that stood out to me about this verse as I meditated on it this morning is that there is a reward for those who are righteous. Our rewards come daily with our relationship with Jesus. But our real reward is when we stand before Him and all of our sins are washed away. Unfortunately, for those who do not accept Jesus as Lord and Savior of their lives, there is a judgment coming. Yes, they may do whatever they please here on earth, but God is the final judge and He is righteous and judges rightly. I am glad to say that I am a Christian who believes in Jesus as my Savior (He died to save me from my sins) and my Lord (He is the master of my life, the One I turn to for guidance and whom I try to obey daily). My prayer is that those who read my blog also know the freedom that comes with being able to say that you have a relationship with the Lord Jesus. I pray blessings on you all for a good and safe day. Let’s remember to pray for those not as fortunate as we are, especially those affected by the tornadoes recently.

Joey & Rory: “Are You Washed in the Blood?”

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