God Is Working

Do you remember being a child and asking your caregiver or mama where your daddy was? I do! And the answer was always the same, no matter how many times I asked it. “He’s at work.” Well, as a Christian, sometimes I find myself asking myself, “Where is God when all of this bad stuff is happening?” And the answer is always the same, “He’s at work.” What is He “at work” doing?

He is at work within each of us who call Him our Father. He gives us the desire to please Him in what we do each day, and He follows up by giving us the power to carry through. We can’t change everything that happens in this world, but we can change some things. We can make a difference in someone’s life today. We just have to be open to the Father and ask Him what He wants us to do for Him today. Are you ready to go to work? God is waiting to you to call on Him for the power to make a difference! Blessings for a wonderful day filled with His desires and His power!

My God Is So Big and So Strong and So Mighty

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