Older and Closer to God

When you are young, you have a tendency to think that you are almost immortal, that death will never touch you. Then, as you age, you begin to see those around you become more frail, become ill even and then pass away. And you begin to think, “Hmmm. That could be me!” How do I know about these thoughts? Because I have lived them myself. I was a young Christian, going through my life, taking care of my children and a job and going to church, studying the Bible, but not really making God the center of my life. Now, as I have aged, I have become closer to God. I spend more time listening for His voice, just enjoying the quietness around me and the beauty of His world. I can make excuses and say that when I was younger, I was just very busy. Aren’t we all? That doesn’t mean that we should put God on a back burner and continue with our lives, thinking that one day we will have more time for Him. What about all of the people who die when they are young? I am glad that God was merciful to me and has brought me this far in my life. I rejoice that He holds me close daily and is still teaching me to trust Him.

Blessings to each of you for a day filled with His love, His mercy and the knowledge that death is waiting for you, but it is not scary if you trust that you will go to be with the Lord.

6 thoughts on “Older and Closer to God

  1. Bless God for your testimony. I’m very young and I’m drawing closer to Him now. I love hearing His voice and basking in His presence. In Ecclesiastes told us to remember Him in our youth, so I’m really taking advantage of that! He’s so good and I love Him a lot. โค blessings and grace. Continue to grow closer to Him. ๐Ÿ™‚

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