Social Status Should Not Define You

I grew up in an upper middle class home in which social status meant a lot…almost everything. My mom always wanted more–the best car (we had a Cadillac), the most expensive clothes and jewelry and even a fur coat. But stuff, things, status is not lasting. One day, all of this will go away and you and I will stand before the King of Glory, with nothing to say for ourselves other than what we did for Him. You see, my friends, social status does not define who you are. Your character, however, says a lot about you and your relationship to the King of Kings. When my husband was in the military, making rank was “everything.” If you didn’t make rank, then you could be kicked out of the military, and there went your career. My husband advanced to the rank of Captain in the USAF and would have advanced higher if he had agreed to move again, probably overseas. But he put family above his career and turned down the last move and with it another advancement. Thus, he retired instead of continuing his military career. When he stands before the King, the Lord will not be asking Him for His military rank or any of the medals that he received to honor His hard work and commitment. No, our Lord wants to know only what we have done to make His kingdom grow, to spread the Good News and to revere His Holy Name. What we do does not define us, but who we are in Christ Jesus does. I was a teacher for 34 years, garnering many titles and awards through the years. All of my plaques and certificates are put away somewhere (I’m not even sure where right now). At the time, they meant a lot to me. Now, I look back and I see that they were like the dandelions that blow in the wind; they are soon gone from sight and don’t mean anything. As human beings in a society that is competitive about just about everything, we have learned the behavior that we have to be the best, have the awards to show it, and to have the best to show off to others. Like the Pharisees, we want to be seen for who we think we are instead of what is in our hearts. My prayer for each of you today is that you will examine your hearts and come to the realization that only Jesus and your relationship with Him matters. Only Jesus!

Here is an article from Dr. Denison that is on the same topic:

And here is a song to help you to remember what is important in life:

Only Jesus by Casting Crowns

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