Partisan But Loving

I am a partisan conservative in a country that has rapidly divided itself along the lines of being for or against our President. I want Congress to do the work of the people who elected them and stop this nonsense of trying to find a way to get the President out of office. I want the President to be able to do his job without interference from a vocal and noticeably angry Congress. I am incensed that the people who did not allow the President to have a fair trial with due process in the House of Representatives is not trying to tell the Senate how to run the trial. Nevertheless, in spite of all of my feelings and beliefs, I am a Christian first and a partisan conservative after. I do not want to turn people away from the Lord for all of eternity just because I am intent on pushing my beliefs. After all, separation from God once it happens is eternal…think about that. President Trump will leave office, next year or in 2024 or whenever it happens. Members of Congress will retire, die a natural death after serving a lifetime in their office, or leave office. Things on this earth do not last. Nothing does. But a relationship with God is eternal, so we need to work on nourishing that relationship within ourselves and with others. How will people listen to us speak lovingly about the Lord when we are railing unreasonably and loudly about a man who may or may not deserve our defense? God is all, always. That is what we need to remember.

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Here is the article from Dr. Denison on this topic:

Blessings to each of you as you are the light and salt today and every day to a world that is lost.

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