Anniversary of Roe V. Wade

No matter which side of the abortion debate you are on, you probably know about the Supreme Court decision in Roe V. Wade. In this historic decision, the Supreme Court ruled that a woman has the right to choose abortion up to the point of viability of the fetus. The issue is when is the fetus viable? When does life begin? As a pro-life supporter, I am a strong believer that life begins at conception. The governor in the state of Virginia in which I live says that the mother has the right to end the baby’s life even after birth. What? Why isn’t that murder?!? His left-wing beliefs are even decried by some abortion advocates, but not enough to get him to change his mind. By the way, before he was governor, he was a pediatric neurologist. Seriously? Someone let him work with children when he didn’t value their lives? I was appalled when he was elected and continue to be outraged at some of his beliefs.

So, on this anniversary of Roe V. Wade, I want to once more state clearly that I believe life begins at conception. If the mother’s life is at stake, then that is a decision between the mother, the father and God. It should never be the decision of the state nor should the decision be influenced by a mob of angry people shouting, “It’s a choice!” I myself get angry about all of the people who get involved in what is supposedly the mother’s choice. Planned Parenthood uses our tax dollars to perform and encourage abortions. That violates the Hyde Amendment, but everyone seems to be looking the other way where PP is involved. They are an evil organization that does not fear God or His laws or the sanctity that He has placed on life. So, on this date, I want to call on you to stand for life. Write a post about your stand. Go online and post about your stand. Take a stand for life! Someone needs to speak for the unborn who do not have a voice. Here is Dr. Denison’s post today about this subject:

And if you are still not persuaded about God’s view on when life begins, think about this Scripture:

If God knew Jeremiah in the womb and He is no respecter of persons, do you not think that He knew you in the womb also? And He knew all of the millions of babies that have been killed by abortion?

I pray God’s blessings on you this day and that it may be a thoughtful day of prayer for all of those souls lost to abortion and for those who are lost in the trap of Planned Parenthood and other organizations like it. May God have mercy on their souls and bring them to repentance and belief in Him!

7 thoughts on “Anniversary of Roe V. Wade

  1. Vickie, Thank you! Definitely agree. Pro-Life here! Yes, we were wonderfully made by God in the womb’s of our mothers. Yes, it is a horrible tragedy that so many people are losing their lives here on this earth to abortion because they are not valued as human beings.

    I didn’t know today was the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. So, it is interesting that the Lord gave me a writing two days ago that talked about abortion, yet it was paralleling physical abortion of physical lives causing loss of life on this earth with spiritual abortions where people reject Christ and his plan of salvation for their lives, i.e. the seed planted in them, and they abort that seed and they lose their lives for eternity. If interested, you can read it here if you did not already:

    Thank you, Vickie, for sharing your heart with us on this subject. Love you!

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