Happenstance or God?

My husband left early on Tuesday to take a five hour trip to check on his brother. Richard has recently been put into a nursing home, and my dear husband has waited until we completed all of our travels to see grandchildren before going to visit him. Harry was also reluctant to go since I wanted to stay alone, something I have not done much since my stroke five years ago today. Anyway, Harry took the old Kia that we own, wanting to leave the newer Toyota with me. I promised to call someone if I had an emergency and to just stay at home and rest. We prayed before he left, that the car would make it there and back and that he would be safe in it. Well, guess what? He got back late yesterday and went out today in the Kia to run errands. At the library where he went to pick up a book for me, the car just quit. He thinks it threw a belt and he called AAA for a tow and me for a ride. Isn’t God good? Harry drove over 400 miles in that little car and had no problems with it, just as we had prayed. Then, once he was home, it quit. It is sitting in the garage now awaiting the mechanic’s verdict about whether we should get it repaired or not. I’m just so thankful that God answered our prayers. Harry was safe on the whole long trip, Richard is doing well and enjoying the books that I sent him, and Harry has peace of mind about his brother now. The Kia? Well, that is up to God, but I trust Him.

The second photo is from anchorofmysoul.com here on WordPress.

God is good…all the time. Happenstance? Nope! God answered the prayer that we prayed just as we had prayed it. Be specific in your prayers, my friends, because God is listening. Blessings for a restful night!

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