The Barnabas Award 2020

My little brother in Christ Stu tagged me for The Barnabas Award. Thank you so much, Stu! It is a humbling experience to know that you thought of me for this award because I do strive to inspire, but I’m not always sure that I hit that mark.

Here are the guidelines:

Thank the person who nominated you and share their blog.

Think of five bloggers that encourage and inspire you and nominate them.

List five things about yourself.

Answer the questions you got asked.

Finally, ask your nominees five questions. Why five? Because it is the number that signifies grace.

“You have been chosen for this recognition because of the encouragement and inspiration you bring to your readers.”

5 things about Vickie that you may not know:

1. I met my husband on a Greyhound bus. He was on leave from the USN and headed to see his brother in Virginia. I was returning from a beach trip with my college friends. We were going to the same place and ended up talking for most of the trip. In April, we will celebrate our 47th wedding anniversary.

2. My father was a drug addict and dealer, so from him I learned how to forgive, over and over. He was a great car mechanic, but when I was a very young child, he was in a bad fire and ended up on a lot of opioids. I think that is when he got addicted, but I don’t know for sure. He was a good daddy to me all of my life, but after I was grown and left home, things changed quickly and he ended up in a really bad place. I’m thankful that he found his way back to God and reconciled with my siblings before he died.

3. I used to crochet and made blankets for each of my older grandchildren. My largest blanket is the one I made in my first winter in Maine. I just crocheted every day that it snowed and that blanket will fit a king-sized bed.

4. I am a cat person. I like dogs okay, but large ones frighten me, so I’m not comfortable around them at all.

5. I became a Christian on February 28, 1973, after reading the Book of John. I fell to my knees in my small bedroom apartment and asked for God to forgive me of my sins. The next day, I told my neighbor what had happened. Verna had given me the Bible to begin with, so we rejoiced together. Then, she invited me to her church, and my journey of learning about my Lord and Savior began.

Here are the questions that Stu asked me to answer:

1. Do you encourage others when you see them crying or distressed? How do you encourage them?

I do encourage those hurting, as the Lord leads. I have found that a gentle word telling someone that I’m a good listener or a hug with a shoulder to cry on is the best encouragement.

2. Who was your mentor growing up?

I had a lot of mentors when I was growing up. I think the one I recall the best is my high school Spanish teacher, Mary Smith. She recognized that I had a talent for languages and encouraged me to pursue it.

3. Who do you go to when you need encouragement?

I used to go to my best friend Heidi, but she passed away in 2018. So, I have been turning more and more to my daughter. She is a solid Christian who always prays with me and encourages me to keep on doing what is the right thing, even if it’s hard or unpopular.

4. Which teacher do you feel encouraged you to keep learning and to do your best?

Well, look back at question #2. There was also a pastor and Bible teacher named Dean Harvey, who is still preaching, who knew so much about the Bible and encouraged me to be a Berean and check things out for myself by reading and studying the Bible.

5. As a blogging community, how can we encourage one another more?

Write encouraging comments and tell other bloggers about blogs that encourage and inspire you.

Here are my fellow bloggers who encourage and inspire me:

Herry Chic Counsels

Amazing Tangled Grace

Tom Neary


Loved by the King of Kings

Here are the questions for my nominees:

1. Who is the person that has most influenced you in your faith walk? Tell us a little about him/her.

2. Other than the Holy Bible, is there another book that you read that encourages you? Can you recommend it to us?

3. If you could walk anywhere to spend some “alone” time with God, where in the world would you want to be and why?

4. Do you have a favorite praise song? What is it?

5. Do you ever send notes or cards of encouragement to someone? Why or why not?

To those whom I have tagged: Please do not feel obligated to participate. Tagging you was just a small way to say thank you for the inspiration and encouragement that you have been to me. Blessings to all for a day filled with hope, encouragement and love!

11 thoughts on “The Barnabas Award 2020

  1. Yay!. Congrats on the nomination ma’am. Smiles.. Loved reading the 5 things about you. The most graceful is that your dad found Christ and yes you also did even in your private space. God is awesome!.

    Glad you have a support system in your daughter too. 🤗 And God has been linking you with the right people at every juncture of your life. God is indeed intentional about our lives.

    Thanks for nominating me too. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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