Remembering Our Presidents

Today is a day to remember the way the United States of America was founded and the Presidents who are our examples to follow. Much has been in the news in the state of Virginia in the last couple of years about our leaders who were less than perfect. Aren’t we all? We all just wake up each morning and try to do the best that we can. We serve God and ask Him to show us what we should do that that day. For me, I ask Him to show me what I should write that day. I don’t have many followers and hardly anyone likes/comments on my posts daily. But, still, God has not released me from blogging, so I continue with this commitment. Today, I am struck with the quietness in my home. I have turned off the sound of the blaring television and was sitting reflecting on the fact that we have no real errands to run today. After all, the post office is closed in honor of Presidents Day. Then, I read Dr. Denison’s post and knew that I needed to honor the Presidents who gave so much to make this nation what it is today. President George Washington was a Revolutionary War hero and the first president of our nation. He is revered because of his bravery and love for this new country. President Abraham Lincoln fought to keep our nation united, not divided under the guise of fighting for or against slavery. It was a battle to unite us under the ideals that began us. And, so today, I want to honor the men who sacrificed private lives to live under a microscope of public scrutiny, even today.

Truly, I believe that Washington and Lincoln were men who served our nation with honor and humility and today I honor them as the patriots that they were.

Blessings to each of you as you spend this holiday in whatever way you choose, but I hope that you will remember these great men. And if you live in the USA, be thankful for their love and humility that began this nation and continued it. Thank you, Lord, for great men who serve without thinking of self!

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