Life Is Short

Not a big revelation there, is it? But I felt that it needed to be said, if only for me. You see, I have been feeling a deep discontentment in my heart these days. I have been angry about what has been happening throughout America. I support the protests, but NOT the riots, so the destruction of the businesses of innocent people angered me. Righteous anger? Probably not since it has been boiling inside me. Then, this morning, the Lord calmed my spirit and spoke softly to me that life is short, so why should I let the misdeeds of others upset me so? God is taking care of things. Maybe I can’t see it or understand the end of it, but God is there and He is aware of all of the crimes, both against humanity and against Him. So, I can just relax. Life is short and in the time that God has given me, I want to be and do only what would honor Him.

Yes, the battle still rages in some of the major cities of the U.S. But my spirit is quiet, knowing that God knows that these days are evil and He will bring the final judgment. He will judge the police who acted rashly and murdered a man. He will judge the destructive rioters who have killed and looted and tried to destroy a great nation. He is the final Judge. My responsibility is to walk as a wise person, avoiding evil and showing people the way of life as much as I can. One day, I will no longer be here on earth because this is the way of all of us. Whether we acknowledge or choose to think about it or not, everyone dies. The thing is that it is my choice whether to live walking quietly and in peace with the spirit or to let the evil of the world stir me to sinful anger. I choose peace. I choose God. I choose to live my short life(God’s Word says it is but a breath) focused on Him who has given me so much joy and love, without asking anything of me in return.

I am thankful for each of my followers and wish for each of you the peace of God in your hearts. Bless you, my friends.

5 thoughts on “Life Is Short

  1. Vickie, your conclusions are good!! I liked your memes, too. We need to listen to the Lord Jesus and what He wants to say to us, his people, in these troubled times. Many voices are speaking right now, but we need to hear from God, because he knows what is going on, and he has allowed it, and he has a purpose for it, and he wants to teach us something from it if we will shut out all these other voices long enough to just listen to what he is saying to the churches. Love you much, as always!! Sue

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