A Prayer for the United States of America

As we approach the Fourth of July, a holiday to celebrate the independence of our great nation, I just want to take the time to remind my readers that we are “ONE NATION UNDER GOD.” The Lord God helped our Founding Fathers in establishing this nation, and I pray that those who are working hard to destroy it will stop and consider the blessings that they have by being born here, in the United States, and not in another nation that might not be so free. I appreciate each morning when I awaken in a country in which I am free to sing worship songs, read my Bible and pray. It is not so everywhere, and we need to appreciate that freedom. It should not be taken lightly. Our nation is also “INDIVISIBLE” which means that we cannot and should not be divided. There are many who are marching around and destroying things, in the name of what they are calling justice. My thought is that their aim is the destruction of America as we know it. This pledge was formally adopted by Congress in 1942. We had suffered through the Civil war as a divided nation, but we united against a common enemy in WWI and WWII. Now, more than ever, we need to unite against a common enemy.

Now for my prayer for our nation:

May we, the people who are called by the name of our precious Savior, seek peace and remember daily to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for our own nation. God bless you all.

6 thoughts on “A Prayer for the United States of America

  1. Yes, and amen, Vickie! May we, as God’s own children, fall on our faces before Him and repent and turn from our wicked ways. May we have eyes to see our Maker and acknowledge Him as Almighty and Lord.

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