People Need to See Jesus in Us

I keep hearing people say that if we want change, we have to be the change that we want. I interpret that to mean that we need to be more like Jesus so that people can see Him in us. There is no greater need in the world today than the character of Jesus demonstrated in each of us. How do we react when the Supreme Court makes a ruling that makes abortions more likely? How do we react when someone tells us that they are gay or transgender? The topic of Dr. Denison’s main article today is just this, the idea that our reaction shows people Jesus, or it doesn’t.

What Our Cullture Needs Most by Dr. Denison

It is impossible for us to make disciples if we don’t show love. That was the central part of Jesus’s message and of His character.

I hope that each of you has a blessed day and remember that wherever you go, you are an ambassador for Christ.

5 thoughts on “People Need to See Jesus in Us

  1. We do need to be like Jesus! And yes, we ABSOLUTELY should show His love! But if what we present is ONLY love, then we are doing a great disservice to those we are trying to win. We need to be careful in our use of the word “love”, because love loves; but it also tells the truth. People need Jesus. They also need to know that they must repent of sin. We, if we’re not careful, can “love” someone right into Hell! Repentance is an archaic word anymore. It is given the stigma as being a bad thing! But it is repentance that gains us the freedom in Christ. We exchange our old life for His new life! ( 2 Cor 5:17) Jesus even said, “Repent, and believe the Gospel” (Mark 1:15) Love is not love, if it does not also tell the truth. To reject repentance, is to reject Christ (Jn 3:36, Jn 3:17-20)

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    1. Love is also confronting sin because that is also what Jesus did. He did not accept everything in His society of the day. He showed them how to change. Thank you for your insightful comment.

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  2. I think the biggest mistake Christians make is judging the world according to our standards. Some things that we know to be sin (ex- living together without marriage) is considered “normal” today, and the world sees us as being judgmental – their excuse for dismissing ua and anything we say. Other things – lying, stealing, cheating, gossiping – are pretty much universally seen as wrong. If we show unusual (and pure) love toward lost people without passing judgment, the Holy Spirit is perfectly capable of convicting them of sin without our saying a word. Our unconditional love can actually convict them MORE, because they know they are not worthy of such love, and they can’t blame us for their guilty feelings. On the other hand, if someone professes to know Christ and is living in sin, we are absolutely commanded to confront them.

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  3. I agree with Jesus being about the love we show others. His way is a fruitful journey into His light. I ask myself, “What would Jesus say during these times? How would He show love for others (we are all sinners)?”

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