“Ask the Lord to put a Don Lemon on you heart today.”

This title is based on the CNN new anchor who said this week that Jesus was not perfect. He was raised in a church and left it when its truth did not meet his standard of sin. He is gay and the truth in the Bible turned him away from God and towards his own truth. Isn’t that what the Bible says will happen in the last days?

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So, how do we share the Gospel with those who will not darken the doors of a church because they don’t want to be told that they are sinning. Do we allow them to live in their “ignorance is bliss” kind of life and face God’s wrath on Judgment Day? Of course not! We can’t do everything, but we can do something. That was the theme of Dr. Denison’s article today.

Dr. Denison July 10, 2020

The world doesn’t want to know the truth because it convicts them and doesn’t allow them to just do as they please. But, we are the church, and as the church, we represent the Light of Jesus to the world. We can SHOW people what Jesus was like. We can SHOW them His truth and His message of love and forgiveness. Dr. Denison makes a good point in his article that I had not thought about. The unsaved like Don Lemon don’t want to hear Bible verses because they don’t want to believe in the Bible. But they can see our lives lived before them, every day, choosing to do the right thing in spite of how we are treated or ignored. Let me repeat that we are the Church. Not the building that we worship in. God lives in our hearts and it’s up to us to put Him out there to people like Lemon who are determined to run away. So, I repeat from my title, “Ask the Lord to put a Don Lemon on your heart today.” And I will add, then obey what the Lord tells you to do for that person. It may be a phone call, a cup of coffee or bake some cookies. Just be the Church and make a difference in the world of darkness. Be the light!

Blessings today from me to you, that you may find a way to reach the lost who want to stay lost because they don’t really understand what salvation has to offer them.

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14 thoughts on ““Ask the Lord to put a Don Lemon on you heart today.”

  1. My brother and his wife are my Don Lemons. Things are SO bad we’re not even talking anymore. It breaks my heart. I’ve been praying for them. I think that’s all I can do now. They think they are 100% correct about everything they think and know 100% of the time. They think I’m the “lost” one because I’m dumb enough to believe in a myth (God). They start fights with me to try to destroy my faith. All it does is hurt my heart. So, I just pray. 😔

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    1. My sister is mine. But I can still pray for her. I’m sorry about your relationship with your brother and his wife. Their lack of belief will hurt them in the long run and for all of eternity. It’s very sad that some cannot be convinced because they have already decided that they are totally right. Sounds like the Pharisees to me, right?

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  2. I disagreed with Dr Denison on this one. I believe the Word of God carries power. Other religious books that he mentioned to compare (i.e., Quran) do not carry the power of the Word of God.
    I agree that we must live like Christians, love others (“They will know we are Christian by our love”), be the one offering the cold drink of water, etc. But we must speak God’s Word.

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    1. I am kind of in hot middle on this one. I know that the Word of God is living and a sword, but I also know that some people turn off as soon as we say a Scripture verse. So, we have to be the Word as well as say the Word to them. He turned away from God and the Bible once he decided that he is gay and the Bible had no verses excusing his behavior.

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  3. I totally disagree with Mr. Don Lemon because Jesus was perfect he knew no sin but took the sin of the world upon himself. Jesus is God in the flesh, and God is truth and He is perfect just as Jesus was. It is amazing how many people think they have a walk with Christ in knowing him and they do not. They need to spend time alone with our Savior to know who He was and who he will always be, the King of kings, Lord of lords and the Great “I Am”. Christians are the light in this dark world and others will know who we belong to buy the way we act and by the light of Christ that burns in our hearts. Let us all be the light in this dark world for Jesus Christ. We must remember we have the CHOICE of who or what to believe in or to follow. Having a walk with Christ is to stay in his word daily, to be in prayer daily and be apart of a community of other believers.

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    1. Exactly my point. Don Lemon is not a Christian, and we, as Christians, need to be prepared to share the truth with them by showing them the Light since they won’t believe any Scripture verses we share (unless the Holy Spirit opens their minds to them.). Don Lemon was raised in a Christian home and went to church. He turned his back on the church because he is choosing to be gay, which he knows that the church calls sin.

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      1. As Christians we must remember not to judge I understand what you are saying about being gay however as a Christian we must welcome all into the fellowship of Christ and let Christ judge him and not any of us. I do not agree with his lifestyle at all, I believe that God chose man and woman to be in holy union as husband and wife. Sin is sin no matter what, one sin is not greater than the other. Jesus came to die for all and that includes Mr. Lemon in the right time God will choose to open up his eyes remember God’s will be done and not ours

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