Scripture Verses for Today

I seem to be all over the place with my devotionals lately. I’m reading about the sinful kings and then I’m reading about Paul’s preaching in Rome and then I move on to the book of Jonah and his reluctance to preach a salvation message to the Ninevites. What I got out of all of my reading today comes down to a few verses that I will share with you here.

A promise that I am clinging to

Singing praise songs is helping me during these days of isolation.

And finally, as I pray for the Lord to act on our behalf and to get rid of this plague and the unrest in the U.S., this verse was how he answered me. Nothing is ever too hard for Him, but then, I also have to wait for His timing.

So, that was my devotional for today. I hope that in some way these verses have spoken to your heart. Have a blessed and God-centered day!

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