More Evidence of a Fallen America

I read Dr. Denison’s post yesterday and it put me into a quandary. You see, one of my favorite channels to watch (when I actually watch TV, which is infrequently) is Hallmark. The news about them and their loss of a moral compass is disturbing. They have acquiesced to the LGBTQ crowd and plan to develop movies featuring gay couples. So, now I have to decide if I’m going to continue to pay for the channel. Candice Cameron Bure is a Christian who works for the Hallmark channel. I really want to hear her take on the whole thing. Yes, there are still good shows there. But do they seriously think that this will “normalize” gay relationships? After all, that seems to be the goal of the movement. God is the One who set the norm and he said: One man and One woman. The relationship was supposed to be for life, and then divorce became the norm when “no fault divorce” came along. So, is being gay going to be the new norm? But, I digress. I don’t think divorce is a sin; I do, however, think that choosing to be gay is a sin and there are all kinds of Scriptures to back me up. To me, Hallmark’s choice is just another indication of how far the U.S. has fallen into accepting sin.

Here is the article from Dr. Denison:

Dr. Denison July 24, 2020

And a song that expresses to me where America needs to be:

At the Cross by Chris Tomlin

Have a blessed day and a wonderful God-filled weekend!

5 thoughts on “More Evidence of a Fallen America

  1. I truly believe that God created man and woman to be in holy matrimonial union. Any type of sin in the eyes of God is still sin. Even through I don’t agree with this community we as Christian are called to love and not judge. Just think for a moment just maybe the way we act towards all people is a testimonial to someone, we can pray that the Spirit change their hearts. Remember God sees their hearts as well as our, the second greatest commandment is to love our neighbors as ourselves even through we do not agree with the way they live their lives.

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    1. I do agree. I love the sinner but not the sin. I’m just saying that America is no longer calling being gay a sin and that gives more evidence of America falling further from God. Accepting sin is not acceptable to God. We still have to stand up and call it sin.

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  2. What makes a person like that can be many reasons, no one knows, however you are judging saying that is a sin let us all let God called it that because it God’s job, we all sin no ones sin is less or more, it is still sin. You have sin and so have I, just because someone is gay doesn’t mean that their sin is greater than ours. Too many people have hatred in their hearts, let us love one another as Christ has loved us.

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    1. I never said that one sin is greater. God calls homosexuality a sin in Romans 1:18-23 and I Cor. 6. I am not categorizing sins. I’m just saying when sin is blatantly accepted, then that is a clear signal that America needs to repent.


  3. Believe me I do know the scriptures well but we as Christians we should never point our finger to another, I agree with you American needs to repent so much more than being gay, however I choose not to argue I will allow the Holy Spirit to speak with that person, and we can simply go to God in pray to change the hearts of all people here in our country.


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