Thank You

When I started this blogging journey over two years ago, I had no idea that I would make friends from all over the world just by blogging. This morning, as I prepared for my day, I was thinking about giving up the blog. It’s not that it takes so much time, but I don’t have that many readers. Then, I got this notification and it encouraged me. It’s like a milestone for a race that I didn’t know I was in. So, I’m still here for now, until it’s time to renew my account. At that time, I will be in prayer about what direction the Lord is leading me. But for now, I am thankful for each of you who reads my posts and especially for those who take the time to comment and encourage or correct me. God bless you all!

7 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Isn’t God wonderful to encourage us just when we need it, and in an unexpected way!
    1000 posts is a cool achievement. I enjoy your posts, and I hope you continue. I am blessed to have you as a blogger friend.

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