I have struggled with all of the events going on in the USA these days. First, there was Covid-19 which brought on unemployment and uncertainty and a quarantine along with masks. Then, there was the rioting and looting which some say is a protest, but I call it what it is…lawlessness. Now there are fires all over the west, with Oregon and California being the center of many tragic stories. This morning, I read about a thirteen year-old boy who was trying to escape with his grandmother and they both died in the fires. What is going on here? Is God still there? Is He being silent?

My belief is that God is indeed working on our behalf in the background, but so many people in the U.S. have embraced the lawlessness and are not ready to call on His Name that God is not acting as strongly as He could. It’s like we as a people have told Him for so many years that we can take care of ourselves that God is letting us see that we really can’t.

I recall when my children were little that they would insist at times that they could do it themselves, whatever “it” was. Most generally, it was getting dressed. Then, they may have come out of their rooms with pants on backwards and shirts wrong side out, but they were clothed. I would gently lead them to the right way to do it and for some reason, they did not feel that I was taking over and trying to do it all for them. I think that’s a picture of God’s work in these days of chaos. He is letting us try to figure it out, which includes turning to Him for help, but He hasn’t really left the scene. He is right there, as close as our next breath.

So, since God is so close, just as He always is, let’s pray to Him. What should we pray for? Oh, so many things! But Covid-19 comes to mind and all of those affected by it. We had church services canceled this week as a member of our worship team was exposed as well as our pastor. There are the fires in the west, where rain really needs to fall. Then, there is a new hurricane forming in the gulf, with over two feet of rain possible for the low-lying areas of Louisiana and Mississippi. There is the unrest from the rioters and looters, those who blocked an ER with the purpose that policemen who had been shot by an assassin could not get in to get treatment. (Folks, I don’t know what you call that, but I call it pure evil!).

So much to pray for, but mostly we need to pray for God to restore His hand of mercy on our nation, to look on His people and to give us grace. I am sure that there are many prayers going up already, but I want to join my voice in, with a fervor that I don’t think I have felt in many years. We need the Lord! We need to see His hand at work, and we really need to repent of the sins of our land. Following the Bible is not easy at times because these days the tenets of God’s Word seem to be in direct contrast to the way the world is living. We are standing in the gap, praying. With heartfelt prayers, let us take our nation and all of its problems before the Lord.

Casting Crowns Praise You in This Storm

8 thoughts on “Prayers

  1. Hi Vickie. I’m the opposite of you when it comes to asking, “What is going on here?” No mystery whatsoever. God is giving this nation over to the sin it so craves. And God HAS been gracious to us, because He has not yet destroyed us. But as far as Him restoring “His hand of mercy on our nation, to look on His people and to give us grace” — no way, He has been doing that all along. That day has passed. We no longer deserve His grace (as “things were before”).

    Thanks for the excellent post, Vickie.

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  2. I’m definitely praying, but I think God has turned the US to its sins just as He did with Israel and the Babylonian exile. I think He knows who His righteous are and He will supernaturally take care of those people … there’s always a remnant in the Bible. But I think the US is done. Even non-religious entities … political commentators … are saying that America will never be the same again. It is terrifying IF you don’t have God. So, I keep praying. I keep looking up. But times are coming to an end. People have made their choice. Now, God is acting.

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  3. Amen! All over the world, lawlessness is rising. Indeed His Word is true. As believers, we should not be weary of standing in the gap.
    Let us keep praying and interceding for one another.
    Thank you for your post. It encouraged me all the more to pray.💕💕💕

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