A Testimony: Blessed to be a Blessing

Everyone has a story to tell about his/her life. Christians have what is called a testimony. How has God changed your life? How is He still acting in your life daily? How are you then taking what God has done for you and using it to tell others about Him and His great love, grace, mercy and power?

I have shared my testimony about salvation several times here on WordPress. Today, I just want to share about how good and gracious God is. He saved my life when I had a stroke. That, in itself, was no small feat since I live in the middle of nowhere (about an hour from a full-service hospital), but I had my stroke at the school where I worked and the ambulance got me to the hospital in less than half an hour. I received the clot-busting shot and recovered completely. I fully believe that God was with me throughout the ordeal. I was losing my ability to speak because of the stroke but on the way to the hospital, I was praying in my prayer language. God heard me and touched me, giving me the medical care that I needed in time for my brain to be touched and healed.

God has saved me numerous times when I have fallen and gotten hurt. I broke my elbow twice by falling, I hurt my knee that I had replaced in another fall. So many bumps and bruises! But they were just to show me God’s care for me because it all could have been so much worse! Yesterday, I fell again, this time as I was leaving our bathroom. My foot twisted and down I went, flat on my back. My back aches, my leg aches and my foot is twice its normal size. But nothing seems to be broken, so it could have been so much worse. God is always gracious to me as I bumble around through life. He takes care of me when I am flat on the ground, looking up and having no idea how I’m going to be able to get up off that ground.

Now, make an analogy of that for the spiritual life. I have been knocked down more times than I can count, by life’s circumstances. As people say, life just happens. Disappointment comes along and the enemy whispers in my ear that God doesn’t really love me. Then, God comes along and comforts me and works things out better than I thought possible. God loves me and doesn’t want me to stay down. His desire is that I be lifted up, so that is what He does. Sometimes, it takes a lot of effort on my part because my faith is low. But, just as I did yesterday, I strain and I reach and then I am up again. In fact, while on I was on the floor yesterday, with my husband struggling to get me up again, I prayed that God would give me strength and the wisdom to know how to get up again. In my Christian life, I reach for God and He reaches for me, and together we get me up out of my despair and looking up again, to the author of my salvation. That is part of my testimony, too, and I bet that it’s part of yours, too. God is always there, waiting to pick me up, brush me off and tell me that He is in control and everything will be okay.

I hope that you will mediate on your testimony today. Think about all that God has done for you. First, He saved you. Now, He is saving you. And in the end, when this life is over, He will save you. Blessings, my friends, for establishing a good relationship with the God who is eternal love, life and grace. Go out and tell your testimony! Someone needs to hear it and be blessed by it. I am blessed to be a blessing. How about you?

7 thoughts on “A Testimony: Blessed to be a Blessing

  1. Excellent testimony, Vickie, especially: “God is always gracious to me as I bumble around through life.” Every believer can claim this one!

    Certainly hoping for a quick recovery from your fall yesterday, knowing that though the physical recovery will take some time, God is already rejuvenating your spirit!

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  2. I was smiling when I read about praying your prayer language on your way to the hospital with a stroke. I’ve been told that our prayer language bypasses the brain, so that was the perfect prayer to be praying then. So glad the Lord has kept you with us to share your testimonies of His goodness.

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