For Such a Time as This

As I watched the debate last night, I was appalled at the childish bickering of the participants. Then, today, as I was reading my Bible devotional for the day, this verse jumped off the page at me. This is indeed a “crooked and perverse generation”, from the leadership of our nation to the rioters wreaking destruction. But we are here for this time for a reason. We have a purpose, to “shine as lights in the world.” Just as this was true when Paul penned these words to the Philippians, it is true today. There is great darkness in the world, but we are called for this time to shine our lights so that the darkness is dispelled. I cannot do everything, but I can do one thing. I can speak out my opinions about debates and candidates and riots and I can stand for truth no matter where I am. How about you? Are you shining as a light in the world or are you hiding behind all of the bushels (issues) of the day? I confess that I prefer to hide because I like to avoid confrontations. However, if we don’t confront, who will? Who will tell the truth if we don’t. We have a treasure to share with the world, and I hope that you will join me in sharing it with a lost world. Have a blessed day, remembering that you were born for this time for a reason.

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