Why I’m Praying for Judge Barrett

I’m praying for the new Supreme Court nominee because:

1. She is highly qualified and deserves to be confirmed.

2. She has not done anything to cause her to be vilified, but the smears are already starting.

3. She has a family of seven children, some of whom are old enough to read or hear the news and be affected by it.

4. She is a fellow Christian who has demonstrated remarkable faith and grace.

5. I’m commanded to pray for my brothers and sisters, and I believe that she is one and demonstrates the qualities that I would like to demonstrate if I were in her place.

6. She stands for Christian values, including being pro-life.

7. Finally, I feel compassion towards her for being a strong woman in a world of men and women who don’t even try to understand her or accept her and her faith.

This morning, I read Dr. Denison’s forum about Justice Barrett. I also heard clips of how the MSM is treating her. Senator Chuck Schumer is calling the process illegitimate and refuses to meet with her. A late-night comedian says that she is “really, really Catholic…speak in tongues Catholic.” She is being smeared for adopting children from Haiti, for having seven children and for having a successful career as a woman (with the idea that she couldn’t possibly be doing a good job of both). Here is Dr. Denison’s forum for you to read:

Dr. Denison Oct. 1, 2020

My Prayer for You by Alisa Turner

I hope that you will listen to the song above and keep Judge Barrett in your prayers as the days of her confirmation hearings continue. And while you are praying, keep the U.S.A. and our election in your prayers. Without God’s help and intervention, we will be headed down the destructive road to socialism.

Blessings to each of you today as you pray, praise, and read the Scripture. May you feel the Lord walking beside you, holding your hand and speaking gently in your ear the words of comfort or wisdom that you need to hear.

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