Can the Pope Be in Error?

Yesterday, the Pope stated that the civil union of same-sex couples is okay with the church. Really? Seriously? Is it okay with God? Has God changed His mind? Or His Word? Just because man has become more tolerant of sin does not mean that God has. So, in my very humble opinion, I think that the Pope has made a grave error. I must state here that I am not Catholic, so I do not revere the Pope as holy or anything similar. Only God is holy, and that includes all parts of the Holy Trinity. I don’t mean to offend anyone, however. I just want you to take an honest look at what the Bible says and what the consequences are of not following God’s instructions. Once again, Dr. Denison says it a lot better than I ever could.

Dr. Denison Oct. 22, 2020 Pope and Gay Marriage

Good News!

In my inbox today, along with Dr. Denison’s newsletter, was good news from the You Version Blog. May these testimonies bless and inspire you just as they blessed me.

Let’s Celebrate Good News!

May you all have a blessed day! Seek God’s face in His Word and find yourself in the hollow of His hand, ready to face the new day and whatever it brings.

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