Don’t Give Up

Never, never give up! Jesus faced hostility on every hand, up to and including death on the cross. Yet He never stopped ministering to the needy and speaking truth to the people who desperately needed to hear it. We say that we are living in hard times. Well, so were the Israelites as they were under the mighty and ruthless hand of the Roman government. Who has it tougher? That’s not a question we can answer because those living during a particular time only have the viewpoint of their own timeline in which they are living. I’m sure that the Israelites thought that they had it tougher and I’m equally sure that the “man on the street” whom you ask would reply that today is tougher. Nevertheless, Jesus ministered. He walked the walk and talked the talk. He said that what He spoke and did was what His Father in Heaven had told Him to say and do. Can we do any less? We need to spend time in prayer, ask God what He wants us to do and say and then do it and say it. We cannot grow weary just because things are hard. Following Jesus’s lead, we should never give up. There are souls who need to hear the Gospel and for whom we are the hands and feet of Jesus. Let’s move, Army of God! We have our orders and they don’t say to sit and wait passively for His coming! Our orders say to work and to go! God bless you as you complete your mission.

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