Why God Loves Us


In my devotional this morning, the speaker, Mark Hall from Casting Crowns, said something so simple and yet so profound. He said, “God doesn’t love me because I’m good. He loves me because He is good.” That was a “wow” moment for me. Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t consider myself self-righteous and/or good. In fact, I have always been in the camp that believes that I can never be good enough to earn salvation. After all, it is a free gift from God. We just celebrated Christmas, the time when we rejoice in the free gift that God sent to the earth, His Only Son. Why did God send Jesus? Because of His love for us. Because God is good. Yes, I already knew that, and so did you. However, today, this word got into the deep parts of my soul, creeping into the places where there has been doubt and fear. He loves me. He is good. Nothing will happen today that I can’t handle because God is on my side. Almost fifty years ago, I stopped running from God and accepted His free gift of salvation. The road since then has been rocky and twisted. I’d like to think that I have never doubted God’s love for me, but if I am honest, that is not true. When I was feeling all alone in yet another new place, I can remember having pity parties for myself instead of turning to God and His love. In the middle of those parties, God would reach down, pluck me out and tell me what He wanted me to do so that I would feel better. That was His love, continually reaching out for me. In less than two weeks, many in the U.S. will be celebrating the inauguration of a new President. I am already mourning this new government because it means change. I don’t like change; I have never liked change because it is…well, different, unexpected and frightening. But God keeps telling me that He is in control. I have been “lost” in my fear and God spoke to me clearly this morning that He knows what is going on with me, why I cannot stand to watch a news broadcast or hear the sound of the voice of the incoming President. He knows my heart, the heart that He created. He has spoken to that heart that He loves me and I’m going to be okay. That won’t be because the new administration promises hope and prosperity. It will be because God offers that hope, in His Word as I study it daily. I pray that you realize today just how much God loves you, not because you are good and deserve His love. No, He loves you because He is good and will always want what is best for you. God is good, all the time. Blessings, my friends, for a day filled with love, joy and laughter, knowing that the King of the Universe loves Y-O-U!

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