I’m still discovering daily God’s purpose for my life. Yes, I am old, but I truly believe that I’m still on earth because God isn’t finished with me yet. That has always meant to me that He is still perfecting me, helping me daily to become more like His Son Jesus. But, with today’s Scripture verse, I also think it means that God is still looking to use me here, to fulfill His purpose for me.

The two greatest days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.-Mark Twain

Think about that quotation, my friends. We each have a purpose in life, and God is merciful to us, giving us the days on earth to discover that purpose and to fulfill it. I pray God’s blessing on each of you as you set out to continually work for Him and to discover His purpose for your life. You were not an accident! You were wonderfully made for a specific purpose in God’s kingdom. Isn’t that praiseworthy news?

4 thoughts on “Purpose

  1. I have chased after God’s purpose, but now I believe it is simply to love Him and to listen closely and obey Him each day, in every little step… It may be dramatic, but whatever it is, it is still one step at a time.

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