A Promise of Rest


We were never meant to carry the heavy burdens that life seems to heap on us daily. Jesus wants us to daily give Him our burdens and then to just rest. I confess that in this season of having a democratic socialist elected as President of our nation, the burden has been heavy. I have a whole page of “what ifs,” a list of my low expectations for this new President. Nevertheless, as someone once told me, “Nothing is going to happen today that God and I cannot handle together.” So, each day, I lay my burdens (worries) at the feet of the Lord and then go about my day, secure in the knowledge that He is with me. Thus, I am learning to feel the peace of God all day long. When I go to the physical therapist and he tells me that I will have to wear my stability boot at least a couple of more weeks, I feel peace. When I get home and the gutter is falling off the house, I point it out to my husband who says that he knows but he has to drill new holes, My first thoughts are that, like the new steps that we need, it will just not get done. But when I pause, God’s peace comes to me and I just let the whole thing rest with Him. You see, men break promises all the time. But God doesn’t. And when He promises rest, then we can and will receive it if we truly give Him the burdens. I pray that each of you will feel God’s presence today and know His rest, the rest that comes from trusting Him to take care of the big things and the small things in your life since He cares about all of the little details. Bless you, my friends, with a good day, a good weekend and a close relationship with the One who makes all things possible, even His rest always.

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