I must confess that I have been more than a little fearful about the incoming President and his group of Cancel Culture flunkies who want to destroy or hide everything conservative. But God spoke to me in a Scripture this morning and reminded me (once again) that He is still in control.

If I know that God loves me (and I do), then there is nothing that He cannot handle, even the Cancel Culture. They can cancel the truth on the news, the conservative movement and even church services, if it comes to that. What they cannot cancel is God’s love for me and my total assurance that I am His and He is mine. He is my Savior and nothing can cancel that! A good word from me to you today!

Be blessed today with the assurance that you are His, which is your insurance for an eternal future with Him!

7 thoughts on “Fearful

  1. When I heard tens of thousands of people were being banned and censored, I was a little concerned about my whole blog – three years’ worth of writing – suddenly disappearing. (I’ve taken the steps to make sure I still have access to what I’ve written.) But then I was reminded that God is in control, (Duh.) and as long as He has a use for my writings, they’ll be there for anyone who needs them. And if/when they disappear, it will mean they have completed their purpose, and I’m free to let it go and be in peace. 🙂

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