John Baillie’s Prayer

Lest you think how marvelous it is that I have researched and found a great Scottish minister who said this prayer, please let me give credit to Dr. Denison who included the prayer in his daily forum today. He addressed the issue of censorship and the Christian response. In a devotional that I read this morning, the writer encouraged Christians to respond to the hatred and vitriol online with a kind and loving and encouraging response. I think that is a great idea and plan to do so myself. I hope that many of you will join me in the endeavor to counter hatred with love. Here is the link to Dr. Denison’s forum today:

Dr. Denison on Censorship Jan. 18, 2021

Here is John Baillie’s prayer:

“By your grace, O God, I will go nowhere today where you cannot come, nor seek anyone’s presence that would rob me of yours. By your grace I will let no thought enter my heart that might hinder my closeness with you, nor let any word come from my mouth that is not meant for your ear. So shall my courage be firm and my heart be at peace.”

May you all be blessed today with a heart that is at peace.

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