Review of WHEN TWILIGHT BREAKS by Sarah Sundin

The cover drew me in, the story kept me there.

The author informs us readers at the end that the character Lisa is named after a Sunday school student who categorized her books are “war-romances.” What an accurate description and kudos to that young lady for being able to come up with that word! This is the story of when Hitler was first taking over Germany and all of the changes in the society, including the beginnings of the purges of Jews from businesses and from German society in general. Evelyn is a newspaper reporter who is like a dog with a bone; she just won’t let go of the story until she finds the truth. Her friend Peter is pursuing his Ph.D. In German while he teaches at a local university in Munich. The meeting of these two main characters was magical and so well-written. The entire story was like a film running in my mind, with such excellent descriptions of scenes and background. I felt as though I could feel the evil of the Gestapo and the traitors against Evelyn and Peter. My heart was in my throat during the most emotional moment that they shared together. This is one of the absolutely best historical fiction books that I have read about the pre-WWII era! I cannot recommend it highly enough. Even if you don’t like historical fiction, try this one. I’m not usually a fan of this genre, but I love Sundin’s books and have devoured all of them since I first discovered her. The research is impeccable, the writing is magnetic and the characterization is dramatic. Loved this book!
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A totally clean read, rated PG because of content. Historically accurate, so some of the scenes with the Gestapo and their treatment of the Jewish people was more than a little disturbing. Nevertheless, the story needs to be told and Sarah Sundin did a masterful job!
Photo from the author’s website at Additional information about Sarah’s inspiration, her writing journey and her list of amazing books can be found at this website.

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