This Scripture verse, of course, refers to Nineveh, but it could just as well refer to the United States of America, or any other nation today. It is not enough to tell God that we are sorry for our sins. We have to TURN from them. True repentance is turning away from the sin and heading in a new direction. This is not an admonition just for believers, but for everyone. Imagine if politicians turned away from lying and started telling the truth. Imagine a world in which everyone you meet is totally genuine and showing love and generosity to each other, really concerned about the eternal destiny of each human being that they meet.

Imagine with me, if you will, a world in which Jesus’s sacrifice is what is foremost in the minds of everyone, so that each and every individual is ready to sacrifice to represent Him to a lost and dying world. Turning away from sin does not just mean a flippant promise that you will “try” not to do it again. It actually means turning your back on that sin and focusing on a totally new direction. We all have hidden sins that we need to turn away from, and my fervent desire is for lost mankind to turn from our sins so that God will not bring the disaster that is surely coming. Yes, His judgment is inevitable, but a true change of heart and a real turning away from sin and toward God can change God’s mind about the timing of His judgment.

I believe that God has held back His judgment on America because of the Christians calling on His Name and asking for mercy. Now we need to turn from sin, call on His Name and pray that the coming disastrous judgment not occur. Possible? Well, God is no respecter of persons and He listened to the call of the Ninevites for mercy. I would like to point out, however, that this repentance in Nineveh started with the ruler. I’m not convinced that our rulers in the U.S. even know God, much less are ready to call out to Him for His mercy. Time will tell, but it’s not looking good these days.

I will close by reminding each of you that you are responsible for your own sin and your own repentance, but you are also responsible to tell others about God’s grace and His Son who gives eternal life. Others cannot repent if they don’t know that they have to. And they need to be told what true repentance is. Sin cost the life of the Only Son of God. True repentance brings us into the fold as His children and whether God holds back His judgment or not, don’t we want as many as possible to know the Gospel and to believe in Him? Pray today and every day for the opportunity to share the Good News with others, because I fear that the days are coming when we will not be allowed to share about Jesus and the salvation that He brings. Pray hard, my friends, for the night of judgment is coming. Turn away from sin and take as many others with you, those who are willing to repent.

Be blessed today that you may be a blessing to others.

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  2. I agree, Vickie. I pray for our leaders every night, a few specifically by name. (The last ones we would expect to be saved, but hey, God can do anything, right?) I love to imagine what the country would be like if the worst of the worst turned to God and were transformed …

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