Promises of Strength and Peace

This Scripture verse is made to order for me this morning, and I hope that the promises it contains bless you, too. Just when I was thinking that I could not take one more bit of bad news about the current presidency in the USA and the pandemic and the scary attitudes toward Christians, God gave me this verse to read, to remind me of His promises that never end. He continues to strengthen us and give us peace during some challenging times. I’m convinced that the times will become more challenging and dangerous for those who believe in Jesus as Lord. But I’m also convinced that the strength and peace that God promises will still be there for us. Good news! His promises aren’t just for the good times; they are for every day, no matter what we face. Daniel faced the lion’s den and knew these promises firsthand. Jesus went to the cross and knew the peace and strength of being the Son of God, resolute in His determination to carry out the will of His Father. I’m not saying that I want to go into a lion’s den or even that I’m there now. But I know that I am called to carry my cross daily and sometimes that means being kind to the people who are not kind to me. I’m saying that God will meet each of us wherever we are in our walks with Him and give us the strength and peace we need to continue our faith journey.

God bless you today with His peace and strength. May you feel Him near and hear Him whisper of His great love for you.

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