God’s Law


There are not many laws that I do not think are necessary, but the recent surfeit of legislation that is ungodly has had me upset and crying out to God. I don’t like that our nation is being turned into one that accepts abortion and the LGBTQ+ agenda. I am appalled that the American people are so easily led to believe and lie.

But then, I read this Scripture this morning and it calmed me. God’s law is always perfect. It’s always timely and meets the needs of all individuals in all situations. His statutes are trustworthy. We can trust that what God says is for our good, always. Finally, it is in studying God’s law that we become wise. Even the wisest men on earth cannot hold a candle to our God with His infinite wisdom and He shares His wisdom and love for us in His law.

Laws are not meant to shackle us or to ensnare us. They are meant to protect us from harm. So, man’s law? 😕 But God’s law? It is perfect and trustworthy, imparting wisdom to those of us who will study it. Good news! God is still on His throne!

Have a blessed day, my friends. Go out and make it a good one, looking for opportunities to help others and to show that you truly believe in a Higher Power and His laws.

7 thoughts on “God’s Law

  1. This part: “God’s law is … always timely and meets the needs of all individuals in all situations.”
    That’s exactly right, and it’s pretty mind-blowing. That could take some serious meditation for a long time!

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