Review of NEVER MISS by Melissa Koslin

This book was good romantic suspense, with the emphasis on suspense at the beginning. The story is about Kadance Tolle, a former CIA sniper who is being pursued by assassins herself and ends up saving the life of geeky Lyndon Vaile, a researcher with three doctorates. Lyndon’s life is in danger from someone called the Mastermind who is pursuing him for his knowledge of Ebola. Once she saves his life, Kadance seems to become his new rear guard, whether he wants one or not and follows him from place to place as he tries to find out more about a plot to use a bio-weapon in the U.S. capital. The entire plot was other-worldly to me because many parts of it were far-fetched. The fact that a scientist is being targeted by criminals was believable, but there were many unbelievable elements that made it hard for me to really like the storyline. That being said, the book was a good one, fast-paced with short chapters. I was definitely disappointed with the lack of a faith element. Neither Lyndon nor Kadance state their beliefs in God, nor do they seem to depend on Him much for protection. I am accustomed to prayers or appeals to God in the Christian fiction that I read and this just was not there. There are even some aspects that seemed non-Christian, like Lyndon cursing for no apparent reason when he is in a thinking trance. The words are not there, but the book says he cursed, so it is left up to the reader’s imagination. I just didn’t like that in Christian fiction. Also, the simmering attraction between the two was a little heated at times, more than what I am accustomed to in Christian fiction. Since there was no real detail about the faith of the two main characters, I could have read this book from a different publisher and not known that it is supposed to be Christian fiction. The good news is that most of it is a clean read, intense at times, sometimes intriguing. At times, it was terrifying, like I was on a roller coaster hurtling down the slope and then I was going uphill again and all was relatively calm for a few pages. The ending was not at all satisfying since the book just seemed to rush to a conclusion after building up the suspense. If I had to rate this book in the Christian category, I would give it a D or even an F. For romance, a C and for suspense a B. So, although this book did not touch me in all of the right places for me to want to pick it up and read it again, it was basically good entertainment, but not a book that I can highly recommend. I must add that my favorite character was Mac the Maine Coon Cat who was intuitive, smart and just plain fun!
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255, “Guides Concerning the Use of Testimonials and Endorsements in Advertising.”

This is mostly a clean Christian fiction but there is no mention of the faith of the main characters.
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About Melissa Koslin

Melissa Koslin is a fourth-degree black belt in and certified instructor of Songahm Taekwondo. In her day job as a commercial property manager, she secretly notes personal quirks and funny situations, ready to tweak them into colorful additions for her books. She and Corey, her husband of twenty years, live in Florida, where they do their best not to melt in the sun. Bio from the author’s Amazon web page

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Many thanks to Revell for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book.

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