Where I Have Been

I didn’t tell my readers that I would be absent from my blog for a while because I wasn’t sure how long I would be gone and when I would return. But I did know that while I was gone, I was not planning on blogging. You see, my husband and I went on what we called a “marathon trip” this summer.

First, we went to Maryland to meet our newest grandson, Nathan Henry. He is two months old today.

Then, we went to Pennsylvania to celebrate the graduation of our second grandson Tyler. This is Tyler and his mom, our daughter Hope, at his graduation party.

The next thing we did is come home and wait for our car to be repaired. When that finally happened, we left to go to Florida to visit my siblings, whom I hadn’t seen in seven years. They are the two youngest in my family.

This is my baby brother James, his wife Amy, his Golden Retriever Ary and me!
This is, from left to right, my BIL Dave and my sister Denise, my husband Harry and I and Denise’s sons Tommy and Joey, with Denise’s dog Pixie.

We just got home on Friday and today I am leaving to go to my sister’s house in Glen Allen (about an hour away from me) because my brother and his wife are flying in from Colorado this afternoon.

This is my brother Steve, his wife Lee Ann and their children Megan and Cody.

So, now you know about my summer adventures and why I have been too busy, too preoccupied if you will, to write on the blog. I hope to do better once I return from my sister’s house next week.

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