Abiding in Him

This morning, I read my devotional as usual. I’m currently reading the book of Jeremiah and there is a reason he is called the “weeping prophet.” He went around telling everyone to repent and people ignored him, to their detriment. I see so many parallels with what he wrote and with what is happening in nations throughout the world that it saddens me to see such rampant and flagrant sin. Sins that were once shamefully hidden are now “out there” for all to see, flung into the face of God. There is a price to pay and we are just now beginning to pay it.

I also read my daily dose of Dr. Denison and was not at all amused to read that a high school in FL crowned a transgender as homecoming queen. As I said, sin is no longer hidden, but it is flaunted and outrageously proclaimed as right.

Dr. Denison’s Forum October 11, 2021

So, what are we as Christians to do? We are told to shine our lights to a dark world. But we are also told to “abide.”

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I’m sure since we have all studied science, we know that the moon has no light except what is reflected from the sun. Thus, we have no light unless we are reflecting the Son. We have to be part of the branch of Jesus in order to produce fruit. Frankly, just to be able to stand and say that sin is sin in today’s world requires a close contact with the Lord, an abiding, if you will.

The definition of abide will not surprise anyone, but it is worth pointing out. From http://www.dictionary.com:

verb (used without object), a·bode or a·bid·ed, a·bid·ing.to remain; continue; stay: Abide with me.to have one’s abode; dwell; reside: to abide in a small Scottish village.

We stay in the Lord Jesus. We don’t walk away and join in the darkness, but we stay in His light and reflect it to others. Some may be repelled by the light because they prefer the darkness. But our hope is always that some will be attracted to the light and come to the knowledge that can offer the assurance of an eternal future with Him. We dwell with Jesus. We are not just occasional visitors eating at the table of plenty that He has provided us. We live there! Every day, every minute of every hour. That’s our home, where we should feel the most comfortable. Going out into the world does not mean leaving Jesus behind. He dwells in us, just as we dwell in Him. So, when we are doing our daily activities and interacting with others, we have that light to reflect to others because it is in us.

I fall far short of what I should be as a Christian, but all of the sin in the world is not pulling me away from Jesus. Rather, I am tucking myself in closer to Him, desiring not just His grace and mercy but also His protection from the evil of the world. I desire that protection for all those with whom I come in contact, too. They will not know He is there for them unless I tell them, or unless you tell them. The consequence of sin is death and eternal separation from God. I agree that it is often difficult to share our faith with unbelievers who mock or who walk away as fast as they can. However, if one life is changed, it is worth it.

My prayer for each of you today is to be that light that the world needs and to abide in the Lord so that you can reflect His glory, grace, goodness and mercy. Be the person God created you to be, His beloved child. God bless you, my friends.

9 thoughts on “Abiding in Him

  1. Well said, Vickie. It’s overwhelming how brazenly wicked our world has become. Just when I think nothing could surprise me, something does. Abiding in Him is our only hope to survive and maintain a righteous life and I know I need to get better at that. Sometimes I just feel overwhelmed or numb over all that’s happening, but these are the times I especially need to draw nearer and further into Him. Thank you for the reminder. Blessings.

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  2. Jackie2015

    Thank you for this excellent reminder.
    The world has become much worse than in the days of Jeremiah, I think.
    All we can do is abide in Jesus Christ, the God of Israel, of the Old Testament. We cannot take the whole world upon our shoulders.
    There will come a time that God will intervene and take charge. His way and at His time. The Kingdom of Heaven is coming closer.

    Christianity and liberty go hand in hand.
    2Corinthians 3:17 Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

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  3. If you want people to like you (speaking to anyone here), or to be popular, or to fit in with certain groups of people, don’t sign up to be a Jeremiah. Don’t sign up to take the gospel (the true one) to the ends of the earth. It is a lonely path. You won’t get a lot of likes or support. And you may get a great deal of opposition, persecution, and rejection. But the end result is worth it all because you will have the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives for eternity. Your voice may be the only truth that some people hear, because liars and wolves in sheep’s clothing abound! But yes, you need to be in a close intimate relationship with the Lord to spread that light, for not everyone is going to embrace you or your message. You can only do this in the strength of the Lord.

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