Review of A SEASON ON THE WIND by Suzanne Woods Fisher

This is a beautifully written story set in the Amish town of Stoney Ridge, a peaceful town filled with people who genuinely care about each other and practice the tenets of the Amish faith daily. When Ben Zook, who used to live in Stoney Ridge and who is a famous birdwatcher, returns to the town, he has one goal in mind. He wants to see the White-winged tern, a bird that is rarely seen in the states. Ben has come to meet with Micah Weaver, a teen boy who has a speech impediment but who knows birds better than anyone around. Ben stays in a guest house provided by Penny Weaver, Micah’s sister and an old friend whom Ben does not recognize, much to her dismay. The stage is well set for a complicated tale of family, friendships won and lost, relationships and choices. I was drawn into the story of these complex and realistic characters from the beginning. Each character is presented realistically, complete with flaws and human foibles, but they are also each seen as uniquely suited for the tasks that they are expected to do. As Ben spends more time with the Weavers, waiting for that Tern to appear, he also goes on a trip of self-reflection and discovery. He has escaped from Stoney Ridge once and does not want to return permanently, but he does have roots there that cannot be denied. The most brilliantly written parts of the book occur at the end of each chapter where we are introduced to various birds that Micah and Penny have seen as they walk around their environs. The habitat of each bird as well as their eating and mating habits are described in a meticulously detailed way that inspired me to curiously seek my guide to birds that includes photos so that I could picture the bird as they were described. Thus, this book was entertaining, educational and encouraging as it sought to gently guide the characters to the place that God would want them to be. I really enjoyed the language used in this novel; it was almost like lyrical prose, calling to my heart as the birds spoke to Micah. There was some inevitable conflict between some of the characters and a little mystery involved with Ben’s cousin Natalie, a young woman who seems to want to know more about the Plain people but won’t reveal her reasons for her curiosity. The relationship between Ben and his estranged father is a focus of Ben’s self-discovery and forgiveness is a definite thread throughout the book. Fans of brilliantly written Christian fiction will thoroughly enjoy this book and it’s message of heart, home, and hope.
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A completely clean Christian read suitable for all who love romance and a good story
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