Deeds Done in Humility

This is a verse that made me stop and think this morning. First, I don’t consider myself particularly wise or understanding and I thought it was odd that the verse would start with such a question. Who can be considered humble if they already consider themselves wise and understanding? Then, I thought some more and realized that God gives us the wisdom and understanding that we need and in that, we can be humble, acknowledging that these are gifts from Him. Then, we can show our wisdom and understanding by doing good deeds without expecting any kind of recognition in return. That is humility and it truly comes from wisdom. If we only do good deeds to get recognition, then is it truly a good deed? Food for thought.

Have a blessed day, my friends, and enjoy the goodness of God who gives us all things to use for His glory.

5 thoughts on “Deeds Done in Humility

  1. That IS food for thought, and I’m gonna chew on it for a while. Good points.
    And it’s interesting that humility comes from wisdom. Such a turnaround from human thinking, where we pride ourselves if we have more wisdom. But you’re right: God’s wisdom leaves us humble in the knowledge that it’s from Him, and we are dependent on Him.

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