Praise During Chaos

Life is happening again and we could use prayers, but we are not forgetting how good God has always been to us. We are in Maryland and supposed to celebrate our youngest grandson’s first birthday today. Instead, we are packing and getting ready to travel home because our oldest granddaughter, eighteen year old Iris, is in the hospital in ICU after suffering a seizure in the swimming pool last night. Please pray for traveling mercies for me and my husband and for her father Scott who is flying back from a teacher conference in Kansas and will arrive tonight. And, of course, the biggest prayer request is for Iris. She is autistic and nonverbal and has been on seizure medication for years, hospitalized various times but this is the first time in the pool and she aspirated water. She has been taken off of oxygen this morning and the doctor says she is doing well but wants to keep her a few days for observation to make sure she doesn’t develop pneumonia. Thank you all for your friendship and prayers. God is in control! Praise His Name even in chaos and when plans have to change!

Have a blessed and safe day.

13 thoughts on “Praise During Chaos

  1. Thank you to everyone for your prayers. The doctors wanted to see how she did last night without sedation, so we will find out this morning if she can be discharged from the ICU or not. She was so sweet. When Harry and I walked into the room, she said, “Grampa, Nanna.” Then she held my hand and wanted me to rub her head. We stayed a couple of hours last night and then came to our son’s house to rest. He went to see her as soon as he could pack up some things that her mom needed. He posted on Facebook Iris’s big smile when she was with her daddy. So, she is recovering and will be following up with her neurologist this week. She is on new seizure meds, so hopefully no more pool incidents.


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