Happy Father’s Day

My son Scott just left to pick up a breakfast bowl to take to Iris in the hospital. She is eating some now, so that is good. Scott is a devoted father and was beside himself when he was 1100 miles away when Iris was admitted to ICU. We got to his house about nine last night and he was packing up things to take to the hospital that Melissa had requested for Iris. Then he left and returned several hours later, after posting a photo of Iris with a big smile next to her daddy. I’m glad that he is back safely and that Iris is doing better. She may even be discharged from the ICU today. We are waiting to hear about that. Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there who play such an important role in their children’s lives! I appreciate my two sons and my son-in-law and all that they do for their families.

Have a blessed and wonderful Father’s Day! For those whose fathers are no longer with you, remember their words and actions and all that they taught you about life. For those blessed to have a father still with them, honor them in a special way today. I’m thankful that my Heavenly Father is always with me.

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