Feeling My Age

You know you aren’t thirty anymore when you try to stay up later to read and drag yourself to bed, barely able to brush your teeth before falling on to the pillow. I haven’t been thirty in over four decades and this has been one of those weeks in which I’m feeling my years. My darling cat Daisy plopped herself down on the bath mat right in front of me and in trying not to step on her, I pulled a muscle in my leg. Ouch! So, I hobbled around for the first part of the week. Thanks, Daisy! But feeling my age isn’t all bad as I discovered this morning in my devotional. God has promises for those of us in our golden years, too.

The fruit I want to bear is more people hearing about God’s grace, mercy and forgiveness. I volunteered to work at VBS this year at our church. No, I cannot run around with the kids but I can be there for them, to sing and to pray and to just be a witness to God’s great love and the fact that He is their Rock in times of trouble.

You know, there is no greater sustainer than God and when He promises to sustain me, I believe it. No health problems are too big for God. As I have told my very negative sister multiple times, I’m not leaving this earth until God calls me home, so I’m not worried about when or how I will die. I just want to keep on working for Him until He calls for me.

How about you? Do you have a promise from God that He spoke into your heart this week? Please share it in the comments. And have a blessed day!

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