Pleasing God

I don’t know about you, but I’m a people-pleaser. I started that habit as a child to receive approval from a very critical mother. I would do whatever it took to get someone to notice that I was doing good things and to praise me for it. I would like to think that I have outgrown that habit, but I probably haven’t since I still find myself sometimes saying “yes” a lot when what I really mean to say is “no.” I think that’s the people-pleaser in me coming out.

Part of my devotional today is about pleasing God, making wise choices with my words and my thoughts. To do that, I have to spend time with Him, making sure that I’m on the same page as He is. Sometimes lately I have found that God has moved on to the next page, or even the next chapter, and I’m still standing in the past demanding that He fix things for me. Then He speaks quietly to my heart and tells me to just move on with Him, that it will all be okay.

If I please God, then I will be pleasing to Him and that makes my heart happy.

Have a blessed day and may you find yourself on the same page as God and be able to find pleasure in pleasing Our Maker.

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