There are a lot of people in our world today that will convince you that they are smart. But then when you really listen to them and what they believe, you know that their intelligence is for nought. Instead of worshipping our Creator, they worship things: “Mother Earth” or its creatures, or worse, they idolize themselves and all of their accomplishments. I feel sorry for these people because they don’t know the blessing that they are missing by not acknowledging God as Supreme and accepting that they are part of His creation. I appreciate the earth and all that God has given to us on it, the beauty of nature and the songs of the birds, the butterflies that flutter and the flowers that bloom. But I don’t worship nature and I don’t call it my mother because I have a Father who made it all and who wants me to serve and worship Him, for my own good. There are too many looking to serve a host of other things, especially self, and that is to the detriment of themselves and society as a whole. God will have the last say in the end. He started this world and I have complete faith that when He is ready, He will end it. I hope and pray that many will see their foolish pursuit of pleasure and idolatry for what it is and turn back to the Creator who never stopped loving them.

Have a blessed day, my friends. I am here in NC with my sister and plan to be a blessing while I am here. Time to unpack some boxes for her and help her to make this place feel more like home.

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