There are multiple ways to be blind. One, of course, is physically being unable to see. That condition sadly is happening to my sister now as she has macular degeneration. I have watched her go from seeing well, to seeing poorly and now to having difficulty seeing things at all. She uses a huge bold font on her e-reader to be able to read her beloved books. It breaks my heart that she is losing her vision in such a stealthy manner.

Others are blind and don’t know it because they are spiritually blind. That is what I think God is referring to in this Scripture.

I’m glad that God takes our hand and leads us when we are blinded to His truth, smoothing the way before us to accept Jesus as Lord. And the promise that Jesus made in Matthew is here, too. He will never leave us nor forsake us.

One of my heart’s desires is to see my sister come to salvation so that although her physical sight may be diminished or gone, her spiritual sight will be just beginning. I’m spending the week with her and trying to be a good witness. She is so depressed about having to move to NC after living in VA for almost five decades. I don’t know how to help her, but I can pray and I hope that you all who believe in the power of prayer will pray with me.

I hope that each of you has a blessed day, clearly seeing the path that God has established for you for this day. Each new day is a miracle, so reach out to others and start working with God!

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