Being Quiet

Less than a decade ago, I shared my thoughts about everything that matters to me: life, death, politics, abortion, etc. I spread my thoughts everywhere, thinking perhaps that I was giving others the benefits of my vast knowledge and experience. No, what I was actually doing was being shortsighted and setting myself up for failure when I tried to share the Gospel with others.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I was not trying to start a quarrel, but that is usually how things went. My liberal family members had met their match in having the last word with me since I was determined to have it. Fast forward a decade or so and I have learned the hard lesson to just be quiet. Yes, the other person may think that I know that my point of view is wrong so I’m not defending it. Or, they may be thinking that they have won an argument that never got started because I refused to participate. What really happened is I got wiser with age and just don’t want the drama of arguing just to win a point. In gaining that point, I may be destroying my witness to that person, and it’s not really wroth it. Thus when friends or family pontificate about how wrong I am about current issues, I just listen. I don’t nod in agreement or smile or anything. I just listen. Did you know that after only a few minutes, they cease to lecture me on their worldview, seeing as I am not being at all argumentative and thus cutting off the water supply to the dam of their outrage that is about to break?

We would all do well to remember this adage from Abraham Lincoln. I have sat in the company of what I would call many foolish people determined to prove that their point of view is the right one, in fact, the only one. I figure that eventually, either on this side of Heaven or the other one, they will be proven wrong by the One who is greater than they. Jesus never argued His points; He should stated them and people could accept them or not. Then He moved on. That’s a good example to follow, don’t you think?

May your day be filled with wonder and blessings!

7 thoughts on “Being Quiet

  1. I love this post. I got into a BIG fight with my brother two years ago. He is super liberal, I am definitely not. So, you probably know what kind of fight we had. Since then, I don’t talk much. I just listen. If I’m asked a question, I answer minimally. I’ve learned that my brother asks so he can start a fight. It’s just not worth it. I want to love my brother. If we kept down that fighting path, I might have started to hate. That would absolutely devastate God. Thank you for your post. It’s full of much-needed wisdom.

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  2. Whether or not I speak depends on whether or not the person has a mind that is at all open to other people’s ideas. Jesus did tell us to share the gospel, but He also warned about casting our pearls to swine that would trample them and then turn and tear us to pieces. Sounds like your relatives are the latter. (I have some of those, too. :/ )

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  3. Vickie, your wise words share an encouraging counsel for others. During my years as an educator, I learned to allow parents to talk first while I listened. It certainly helped to bring a certain quietness to our discussion.

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