Seen and Unseen

As many of you do, I sometimes find myself focusing on things that really don’t matter in the long run. Events happen, press in on my life and then fade away. Sometimes, they end up being so inconsequential that I don’t even remember them later. God, in His great wisdom, has addressed this issue of priorities in His Word.

If we focus on God and His kingdom, then our time is spent wisely because that is the kingdom that will endure forever. Our mindset as humans is to prioritize our life on earth and the ever-changing good feelings that we can get from having nice things or power or whatever that just does not last. In the end, the things that we cannot see, how God is working in the world and lining up things according to His will, is what is most important. There is a great battle brewing, but it is not between Republicans and Democrats or liberals and conservatives. Rather, it is between the forces of good versus evil and we have to be focused in order to choose the correct side to support. The evil side is cunning, drawing us away by subterfuge and outright deception. If we stay focused on God, I firmly believe that He will show us the great and marvelous things He is doing and the promise of an eternity that is beyond our imaginations. He will lead us in the direction we are to go and show us the steps to take. It’s all about focus and what we spend our time and energy on. Our life on earth is so short, although we don’t like to think about that. It ends with the blink of an eye or the whisper of the wind. But eternity with God is forever. Priorities are everything. Choose wisely.

Have a blessed day! I hope that this Scripture will help you as you meditate on the unseen and God’s glory that will be everlasting.

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